Compensation Claims – What’s In It For You?

One of the two questions we are always asked at the outset (the other being ‘how long will it take?’) is ‘what will my claim be worth?

It’s a fair question. After all, why would you want to bother bringing a claim unless you had a reasonable idea what you might ultimately end up with.

The problem is, we can never really tell you at that stage. That’s not us passing the buck – we just can’t. Some firms will give you figures straight from the off but it’s pretty irresponsible to do so. The ones who do will tend to give out high figures, dangling ‘£££’ in front of potential clients to try and tempt them. They really shouldn’t.

The reason we can’t value the claim at the outset is that the figure, be it for a motorbike accident, an accident at work or anything else, will depend upon the findings of a medical expert or experts and then how this has affected your own specific personal circumstances financially. In particular, the key deciding factors will be:

a) How serious your injuries are;

b) How long they will affect you for.

So unless any other solicitors are mind-readers and can see into the future, valuing a claim at the outset really isn’t an option.

In addition, every person’s case is different. There are no two identical cases. We will occasionally hear from potential clients that their friend down the pub had the same injuries and received ‘X’ thousand pounds. He may well have done but that case will have been valued based upon a) and b) above and that client’s personal circumstances and financial losses will then have been calculated on top. They will be different in each and every case.

When we take on a case, we concentrate initially on trying to persuade the Defendants to admit liability for  the incident. Then, once your symptoms have settled down or reached a plateau, we will have you seen by a medical expert or experts who will assess your injuries and provide us with a report on these. At that point, we then start working out what losses can be recovered and progress towards valuing the claim and agreeing settlement terms can then be made.

It can be a slow process – the worse the injuries, the longer the case usually takes – but it’s important to get it right. That’s what we do. And if you want us to advise you on a possible claim, get in touch. We’ll be happy to do so.



With 25 years experience in personal injury law, we can help you with your claim. We always aim to put you at ease and explain the process clearly.