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Infection After Surgery Compensation Claims

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 Post-Operative Infection Claims Subsequent to an operation, many individuals can be safe in the knowledge that their health issues have been resolved. However, not everyone experiences this. A large proportion of patient’s contract infections whilst in hospital.

The infections can be very traumatic and can have catastrophic effects. Alongside the pain and discomfort that they may cause, the infection can cause more upset to an individual who has already had to cope with a prior operation.

If you have suffered an infection after an operation, please read the information below and get in touch to receive legal advice on how to start your claim.


Causes of surgical infections


Many infections stem from poor equipment sterilisation or poor general hygiene. The negligence can also come in the form of an omission such as a failure to practice effective infection control or a failure to treat a post-operative infection. If this negligence takes place, it can allow germs and bacteria to enter the body.

An individual may be more likely to contract an infection if they have suffered from a pre-existing health condition and already have a weaker immune system.


Types of infections which can arise from hospital negligence


If a medical expert has failed to clean the wound or change the dressings efficiently, a staph infection (MRSA) may develop.

In addition, if the infection is left untreated, it can spread into the bloodstream. This can lead to sepsis. In cases where the infection spreads to major organs, patients can die.

The symptoms and signs of infections may include a general unwell feeling, a high temperature, painful skin around the wound or an unpleasant odour coming from the wound.


Evidence for hospital acquired infections


If you suspect that you have contracted an infection in hospital, due to negligence, you should start seeking evidence immediately. Photographs of the infection and medical reports would be effective.

Alongside this, you should prepare a statement of your experience and witness statements if they would be useful.

In regard to financial losses, it is vital to collect bank statements, wage slips or receipts which will prove that you have had to suffer financially.


Time limits for claiming compensation for infection after surgery


In personal injury claims, the claimant has three years from the date of the injury or date of the realisation of the injury to have either settled the compensation claim or to have commenced Court proceedings.

This rule does not apply to under eighteen-year-olds. Though, when they surpass their eighteenth birthday, the three-year period will begin.

The three-year time limit does not apply to individuals who lack the mental capacity to propose a claim for themselves.


Damages in claims for compensation for infection after surgery


Damages are separated into two categories; these are known as general damages and special damages.


General Damages – General damages refer to the monetary compensation which will be received by the claimant and reflects the severity of the injury. Therefore, the figure will be higher for worse infections.

Special Damages – Special damages covers the financial losses that a claimant has been forced to endure. The aim is to return the claimant to their pre-injury financial status. If you have had to take time off work, pay for medical fees or have a family member or friend care for you, special damages will cover these costs.


Is a post-operative infection claim expensive?


Our solicitors work on all cases under a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement; this is also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement.

If we are successful in your case, we will only ever take a small success fee from your damages. This will be a pre-agreed percentage that you, as our client, are happy with. An additional amount may be taken to cover the costs of an After The Event Insurance policy.

You will not be required to pay anything at all if your case is unsuccessful.

Throughout the process, we will always be able to aid if our clients have any financial questions.


How can Wildwood Legal assist in your claim for compensation for infection after surgery?


The team at Wildwood Legal comprises of legal experts who can provide expert legal advice for all types of personal injury claims and medical negligence claims, including hospital infection claims. Due to our high levels of experience in the field, we regularly witness the pain and suffering that negligence can cause. Therefore, we find it paramount that individuals receive the compensation that they deserve.

Especially in hospital infection claims, we believe that it is important to highlight the hospital’s failings to ensure that no other patient suffers in the way that you have.

As we are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, we can be trusted to always provide an excellent service. Our regulation allows our clients to trust our knowledge and the support that we can provide in difficult times. We have registered offices in Harrogate and London. The variation of these locations allows our clients to access us from the North and the South of England.

We know how vital it is for hospital negligence victims to take back their life, so please get in touch to start a claim for compensation for infection after surgery. Our team are contactable at or 01423 209046.

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