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Accident Abroad Claims: Are you entitled to compensation?

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Although being abroad is often associated with sun and enjoyment, many individuals each year are forced to face the complete opposite. Accidents abroad occur very frequently as people work, have medical treatment or are involved in accidents, such as road accidents.

These types of accidents can be very traumatic and can have severe consequences for those involved. An accident abroad can lead to disabling injuries, loss of earnings and possibly the inability to look after yourself or others. Therefore, if you have been forced to suffer an injury that was not your fault, it is vital that an accident abroad claim is made. Successful conclusion of this type of claim can allow those who have suffered to reclaim their lives back.

If you have been involved in an accident abroad, you may have several questions and be unsure on how to proceed with a claim. To allow you to clear up these queries, please review the relevant information below.


What can I make an accident abroad claim for?


Simply, if you have been involved in an accident abroad that was not your fault, you may be entitled to make a no win, no fee a claim. There are many different causes of accidents abroad but some of the most common types of accident abroad claims we assist with include:


Slips, trips or falls : These can be caused by poor levels of flooring in a holiday accommodation or path within a hotel premises. This type of accident can result in injuries such as broken bones or bad sprains. Furthermore, an accident abroad claim can be proposed if you have slipped or injured yourself on a spillage, broken glass or a leak in the hotel or hotel grounds. This type of accident may lead to deep gashes or wounds.


Food poisoning after eating food or drinking water in the hotel restaurant: This type of claim is made stronger if other guests have suffered from the same food poisoning. Although food poisoning is usually temporary, it can have longer lasting effects, for example, high blood pressure.


Accidents in swimming pools: These types of accidents are very common and may occur from uneven tiles, broken ladders or broken tiles. If you have been involved in a swimming pool accident abroad, you may have experienced fractures, broken bones amongst many other types of injuries.


Car accident: Road traffic accidents can cause permanent injuries such as spinal injuries or brain injuries. Although the examples above are namely holiday accident claims, you can also propose a claim for accidents which may have stemmed from different causes.

If you have received medical treatment whilst abroad and have experienced medical negligence which has resulted in an injury, an accident abroad claim may be brought. In addition, if you work abroad and have unfortunately been involved in accident at work, a personal injury claim for an accident abroad can be commenced. Further to this, an

industrial disease claim for abroad working can also be brought if an individual has worked in an environment which has led to a disease, such as noise induced hearing loss or occupational cancer.


Accident abroad claims: Initiating a claim?


Typically, it can be more difficult to make an accident abroad claim, as opposed to a claim where an accident has occurred in the UK. This is because different countries may have different laws which could affect your rights or the amount of compensation that you receive.

However, certain regulations have been put in place to ensure that individuals still receive fair treatment and receive the amount of compensation that they deserve. One regulation that has been formulated is the 1992 Package Travel, Package Holiday and Package Tour regulation. This document aids in the compensation for holiday accident claims.

If you decide that you would like to commence an accident abroad claim, you need to start collecting evidence. This evidence will support your claims that the accident was not your fault and ensure that you receive fair compensation for your losses. Evidence may be in the form of photographs or witnesses who can support your recollection of the accident.

Additionally, if you have suffered the injury on abroad holiday, you need to report the incident to your tour operator or travel company. There may be a travel representative within the hotel who you can contact. Alongside contacting the operator, you should make a note of the accident in the hotel logbook.

If you have been incurring any expenses due to the accident, such as travel fees, medical fees or prescriptions, you should retain all the receipts for future reference.

Finally, you should keep any documents which may relate to any medical treatment for injuries associated to your accident. They may be requested in the future; therefore, it is beneficial to keep a record of them.

Once you have completed these steps, you should contact an expert legal representative for advice. They will be able to consider your claim and direct you on the next appropriate steps.


Accident abroad claims: Time limits


In regard to accident abroad claims, there is a three-year time limit from the date of the injury or illness to have either settled your claim or started court proceedings, if the injury occurred at work. If the accident involved a child, there is no time limit. However, the three-year time limit will commence when they surpass their eighteenth birthday. Furthermore, there are no time limits for individuals who lack the mental capacity to bring a claim themselves.


How is my accident abroad injury compensation calculated?


Depending on the type of accident abroad claim that you are proposing, your compensation may differ. However, when legal representatives provide a valuation, they may refer to the factors below:


– The loss of earnings

– The loss of future earnings

– The loss of benefits

– The length of recovery

– The severity of your injury

– The impact on your daily life


When valuing compensation for a claim, the damages are separated into two types, general damages and special damages.

General damages accounts for the compensation which reflects your injuries. Therefore, the more severe and permanent that your injuries are, the more compensation you will receive.

Secondly, special damages are those which cover the financial losses due to your accident abroad. These damages will cover loss of past earnings, loss of future earnings and loss of self-employed earnings. They may also cover any medical treatment that you require.


How can Wildwood Legal assist with accident abroad claims?


It can be extremely devastating if you have looked forward to those one or two precious weeks in the sun, for them to be ruined by an accident while on holiday. Also, if you have been working or receiving medical treatment abroad, it could be extremely frightening to sustain an injury and then struggle to seek legal advice in your own language.

At Wildwood Legal, we are acutely aware of the consequences of accidents abroad. This is why we have worked to gain specialist knowledge which can be of excellent aid in many claims for compensation.

We have established ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy firm, this is supported by our excellent testimonials from our previous clients.

Ultimately, our main aims are to provide quality advice, flexible meetings and clarity always. These three aims ensure that we can provide an excellent service and receive the maximum compensation for our client.

If you have been involved in an accident abroad, please contact us on 01423 209 046 to start your claim using our no win, no fee agreement.

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