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Complaints Policy

WildWood Legal are committed to high quality legal advice and client care. If you are unhappy about any aspect of the service you have received or about any invoice, please contact our Managing Director, Stephen Hattersley, on 01723 788728 or by email at

We have a procedure in place which details how we handle complaints a copy of which is available upon request.

Complain to the Legal Ombudsman

If you are not satisfied with our handling of your complaint, you can ask the Legal Ombudsman at PO Box 6806, Wolverhampton, WV1 9WJ, by telephone on 0300 555 0333 or by email at to consider the complaint.

Normally you will need to bring a complaint to the Legal Ombudsman within 6 months of receiving a final written response from us about your complaint. In addition, you should note that the Legal Ombudsman will not be able to accept your complaint if:

more than six years have elapsed from the date of the alleged act or omission giving rise to your complaint;

more than three years have elapsed since the time that you should have known about your entitlement to make a complaint; or the date of the alleged act or omission giving rise to the complaint was before the 6th October 2010.

Complain to the SRA

The SRA deal with cases where firms or those who they regulate have breached the SRA Principles. If you would like to make a complaint based on a breach of SRA principles involving unethical behaviour such as fundamental dishonesty or the unlawful taking of funds, you can do so by contacting the SRA following this link: