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Assault Claims

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Unfortunately, assaults and unprovoked attacks happen frequently in the UK. There are thousands of criminal assaults in the UK every year. These include assaults from a family member, friend, a spouse, or even attacks by strangers.

Assault injuries can have severe consequences, leading to disabling injuries, loss of earnings and even the inability to look after others. In simple terms, assault is defined as any threat or physical attack or harm to another person.

If you have suffered injuries from an unprovoked attack or a sexual assault, you may be able to pursue a claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) which is a government funded compensation scheme. Below is a summary of criminal assault claims and who is eligible to make them:


Assault claims compensation: CICA Claims

There are different types of assaults that can lead to personal injury CICA claims. Here are just some of the most common reasons that individuals make assault claims.

  • Sexual abuse
  • Stalking
  • Violent mugging
  • Assault with a weapon
  • Unprovoked attacks
  • Domestic assaults including children
  • Assault in the workplace
  • Assaults by a spouse or family member

If you have sustained physical or mental injuries due to any of the reasons above or a variety of others, you could be entitled to claim for compensation. Anyone that has been injured in assault can apply to CICA who will award compensation, providing their injury or abuse is included in CICA’s tariff.

If you have been physically injured or suffered psychological trauma due to an assault, you must report the crime to the police immediately. If you do not report the incident, your assault claim will not be successful as CICA will not pay compensation until you have completed a police report.

You must also seek medical care if needed and ask for a copy of the medical report as this will help to prove your injuries and strengthen your claim. After this, you should contact our team of personal injury solicitors to begin the claims process.

The time limits for making a claim with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is two years; however, we would advise that you start your claim as soon as possible.


Assault claims compensation: what can I claim for?


How much you can claim in compensation for assault depends on the case and the circumstances. However typically, you will be able to claim assault compensation for:

Care costs – This is awarded if you are in need of daily assistance as a result of your injuries

Loss of income – If you were not able to return to work due to your injuries, you could be awarded compensation to aid with lost earnings

Medical expenses – Medical expenses can be provided to cover injury treatment as well as ongoing therapy

Travel expenses – Costs that you incurred travelling as a result of the assault can be claimed.

General damages – This is awarded for any injuries, pain and hardship, mental anguish or any other damages.


We work closely with Winston Solicitors if you think you might qualify for compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).


Assault claims compensation: how can Wildwood Legal assist?

At Wildwood Legal, our core strength is in personal injury claims. We aim to give you not only quality aid but flexibility and clarity as we know that these qualities are just as important. We are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

We value the opinion of our clients. We will always listen to you and take on board what you say. With 25 years of experience in personal injury law, we can help you with your claim. We always strive to put you at ease and explain the process clearly.

Our aim is to obtain a great outcome for your case, we value the opinion of our clients, and we will always listen to you and take on board what you say. Most importantly, we are on your side.

We will always be 100% transparent about what our charges are, if we take on your case we will almost always do so on a Conditional Fee Agreement (also known as a No Win, No Fee basis).

Contact us today to have a free, no obligation discussion about making a claim.

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