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How much compensation for a motorcycle accident?

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How much compensation for a motorcycle accident? Motorcycle accidents are different to other types of road traffic accidents because these incidents have the potential to lead to catastrophic and life-changing injuries.

They often involve serious injuries leading to potential fatalities. If you have suffered from a motorcycle accident and require legal expertise, Wildwood Legal can help you secure maximum amounts of compensation.

If you have been involved in an accident on a motorcycle, you may be wondering “how much compensation for a motorcycle accident?” The amount of compensation you receive will depend on a number of factors as outlined below.


Who is responsible for motorcycle accidents?


If another road user has failed their duty of care and failed to adhere to the Highway Code, leading to an accident involving a motorist that could have been avoided, then the victims who have suffered injuries are eligible to make a claim against them.

If the driver responsible is uninsured or untraceable, a claim can still be pursued through the Motor Insurance’ Bureau (MIB).


What causes motorbike accidents?


As motorcycles do not have safety features (headrests, seat belts etc) found in other vehicles, motorcyclists are more vulnerable on the road. It is harder to see a motorcyclist, especially on rural roads, which is one of the reasons for why they have a higher fatality rate, accounting for 19% of fatalities on roads in Great Britain.

According to the road safety charity, Brake, those who travel on two wheels are 63 times higher at risk of being killed compared to car occupants. This demonstrates an alarming statistic which shows how dangerous the road can be for motorcyclists.


Although there are a number of causes for motorbike accidents, the most common include the following:

· Road spillages such as diesel

· Other road users not paying attention

· Extreme wet or slippery weather

· Opening car doors · Potholes or defective road surfaces

· Hit and run collisions

· Exiting junctions


As motorcyclists have much less protection compared to other road users, they often sustain multiple injuries in collisions. It’s always best to contact a solicitor as soon as the accident so that you can pursue a motorbike accident claim.


What kind of injuries could you claim compensation for?


Depending on the accident, motorists could sustain several life-changing injuries including: · Head injuries

· Neck injuries · Loss of sight or hearing

· Paralysis

· Permanent disability · Spinal cord injuries

· Amputations

· Leg injuries

· Severe bone fractures

· Fatal accidents


These types of injuries could lead to you being unable to work, resulting in financial losses and it can have severe consequences on both you and your family. Wildwood Legal can help you throughout the claims process if you wish to make a motorcycle accident claim.


How much compensation for a motorcycle accident? What can you claim compensation for?


Compensation is usually awarded in two categories, general and special damages. This means you can claim for your injuries sustained in the accident as well as any costs you have incurred as a result of the accident (subsequent treatment and rehabilitation).

General damages refer to the amount of monetary damages you will receive because of your physical pain, suffering, and loss of activities you once enjoyed. This figure is based on the type of injuries you sustained, the recovery time, as well as the impact it will continue to have on your future. This figure may also include suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or any other ongoing mental health issues caused by the accident.


Special damages include any additional financial losses you sustained as a direct result of your accident including the following:

· Loss of earnings and any future earnings

· Travel costs to and from medical appointments

· Parking costs at medical appointments

· Compensation for damage to your bike, clothes, and any other personal possessions such as helmets or offered a replacement

· Costs of any care you may have needed and any ongoing care because of long-term injuries (including care received by family members who may have had to work reduced hours to care for you and any required assistance at home to manage your cleaning and cooking)

· Rehabilitation, counselling, and medical expenses required because of the accident

· Costs of support following the accident and, in the future, e.g., crutches, frames, prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, physiotherapy etc

· Any alterations and modifications required to your home or the cost of moving to an accessible home

Our specialist solicitors will go through all your losses to ensure you get the highest possible compensation award in the claim against the defendant’s insurance company, so it is important to keep receipts of all expenses you encounter.


How much compensation for a motorcycle accident claim?


The amount of compensation depends on the severity of your injuries, the length of your recovery, and the circumstances of the accident.

Compensation amounts are provided by the Ministry of Justice and determined by the Judicial College guidelines which set broad ranges based on the injury type. Although this does not provide an exact figure of the compensation you can receive, it gives personal injury lawyers an estimated figure for how much you could get if your claim is successful.

According to compensation calculators, the average payout for serious head injuries can be valued anywhere between £192,090 – £247,280. However, minor head injuries can be as low as £1,940 – £11,200. Although there isn’t a typical average pay-out for personal injury claims because they are valued based on each case.

Apart from the obvious physical pain, there are also psychological issues to deal with as it could drastically damage self-esteem, resulting in depression and anxiety. This will usually be detailed within a medical expert report following a consultation.

This is where our solicitor’s negotiating skills are needed as they will help you recover the maximum possible compensation.

Although compensation calculations found online can provide an appropriate and possibly potential settlement, they are based on average settlement figures which vary for each case and its unique factors to ensure a fair payment is reached.


What should you do after a motorbike accident?


When you have suffered a motorbike accident, it is important to seek medical attention first. This should be your priority and an ambulance may be needed for you or anyone else involved in the accident. If you can, you should also call the police so they may provide you with an incident number that can be used as further evidence for your claim.

Obtaining a medical report will also prove the extent of your injuries and it is crucial in identifying the severity of your injuries. It will serve as the main part of the compensation claim because it shows any ongoing rehab requirements and any follow up treatments you need. If you suffer medical negligence because of your injury, you could also make a negligence claim.

It is important to make a record of other’s vehicles details and registration numbers along with the name, address, and insurance information of the drivers and passengers involved in the incident.

Witness details and photographs of the accident scene and injuries will help your case. You should try to make a note of all the road conditions, weather, and the visibility at the time so pictures of the vehicles, the damages, the surroundings, and your injuries will be extremely helpful. If you weren’t able to do this yourself, you may be able to obtain the CCTV and dash cam recordings of the scene to pass onto an experienced motorcycle accident claims solicitor.

Personal injury solicitors will ensure they have all this evidence to support your claim so if you would like to discuss your injuries, get in touch with Wildwood Legal.


How do you make a claim for your injuries?


After your accident, you should try to speak to legal experts as soon as possible, who will initially take details of the accident and your injuries. It is important to keep note of all the details including the location, time, and date of the accident, any photographs, and any other supporting evidence to help the lawyers build a successful case.

Following the initial discussion, a legal representation will contact you to discuss and determine the appropriate value of your claim. When claiming for compensation, it is best to have a personal injury solicitor represent your case. Your case will then be investigated thoroughly when all the relevant information has been gathered.

Once your solicitor has valued your case, they will present this offer for compensation to the other side and it will be negotiated until a fair and mutual offer can be reached. If, however, the defendant refuses to make reasonable offers, then Court proceedings may be necessary to ensure you receive an effective settlement that you are entitled to.

Ultimately, the end goal is to achieve the maximum compensation for all our clients. We focus on helping you get back to the financial position you were in prior to the injury you sustained because of the motorbike accident.


How much compensation for a motorcycle accident: how long does a claim take?


Claims valued for less than £25,000 can usually be settled in less than 6 months as the Ministry of Justice enables a fast-track service for these cases. In some circumstances; however, this time period may be prolonged for various reasons, such as an uncooperative defendant.

Motorcycle accidents are quite often, but not always, valued above this amount due to the nature of injuries. If the injuries are valued above £25,000, the claim follows a different procedure, leading to a longer settlement time. It can take up to several years because a medical prognosis needs to be clear before settling a claim for the maximum amount.


What is the time limit for making a claim?


You usually have up to three years after becoming aware of the injury to make a claim. It is therefore vital to contact us at the earliest convenience so you can maximise your chances of securing a successful motorcycle accident claim.

If an incident that caused serious injuries also left a loved one mentally incapacitated, the time limit will not apply. We can help family and friends affected by the victim by providing all the information you need.

There are instances where the three-year limit does not apply if a child suffers from a motorbike accident as they have up until their 21st birthday to make a claim as a legal adult.

In the case of fatalities, the three-year limitation commences from the date of death. If a post-mortem was held and the death was only discovered and diagnosed after, then it begins from the date it was discovered during the post-mortem.

If, however, someone dies during the process of making their claim, the three-year deadline begins from the date the person died.


No Win No Fee Motorcycle Accident Claims


We want to ensure that there is no financial risk to you when making a claim, so our solicitors only take a small percentage of your compensation for their services, only if your motorbike accident claim is successful.

We can also request partial interim payments to help you with any immediate, ongoing medical treatments and household finances before the final settlement.


How much compensation for a motorcycle accident: How can Wildwood Legal help?


At Wildwood Legal, we know that the consequences of motorcycle accidents can be devastating. If you have suffered from this, you need to seek legal advice – That’s where we come in.

We see all too often the significant effect that motorbike accident claims can have on people’s lives. We can help on the financial side to get you on the road to recovery and help you to maximise the amount of compensation you receive.

Our core strength is in motorcycle accident claims. We are experienced in helping you with any claims that you may want to make. We aim to give you not only quality aid but flexibility and clarity as we know that these qualities are just as important.

Our law firm is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority therefore, we provide everything that is needed to meet their high standards meaning that we are a trusted law firm. We offer services to individuals located in England and Wales.

Our ultimate aim is to obtain a great outcome for your case and for you to feel able to recommend us to others at the end of your claim.

We value the opinion of our clients, and we will always listen to you and take on board what you say.

If you’ve suffered as a result of motorcycle accident, get in touch with us and we can help you start your claim– we’re only a phone call away. To make an enquiry, get in contact with us either email us or please call us 01423 209 046

We offer a nationwide service, assisting those based in Birmingham, Manchester, Rochdale, Harlow and beyond.

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