With the increased number of cars on the road today and the generally poor standards of driving, there are very few of us who manage to avoid having a rad accident at some point in their life. With improved safety features in modern cars, injuries are thankfully often fairly minor but the sad reality is that we still see a significant numbers of serious injuries and fatalities on our roads.

If the worst happens, the consequences can be devastating. With serious injuries, a person can be faced with a long period of absence from work and a real financial struggle. That’s where we come in.

If we take on your case, we will do our utmost to get the claim up and running and try and progress this as quickly as possible. If liability is clear-cut, we will try and obtain an interim payment for you at an early stage to ease any financial worries whilst you recover.

We will guide you through every step of the process and do our very best to get the maximum possible level of compensation.

We deal with insurers every day and know the tricks they will try and pull to reduce their financial outlay. We don’t fall for it and will never advise settlement of your claim until we feel that we are at the best possible figure.


With 25 years experience in personal injury law, we can help you with your claim. We always aim to put you at ease and explain the process clearly.