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Slip in Supermarket Claims: Your Right to Compensation

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Have you suffered from an accident at a supermarket that wasn’t your fault? Accidents at supermarkets can happen more often than you think, and it could happen to anyone. Whether you are an employee or a customer doing shopping at a supermarket, you can pursue a claim for an injury caused by the supermarket’s negligence.

A slip at a supermarket can have long-term detrimental impacts on your physical health and mental wellbeing due to loss of earnings and disabling injuries. Therefore, if you have suffered an injury that was not your fault, it is important to make a claim in order for you to reclaim your life.

Usually, accidents occur at supermarkets because of an employee’s mistake or because someone failed to follow the correct protective measures put in place. If you have any questions about your rights and require legal advice, please look at the information provided below.


Common types of accidents in supermarkets


The owners and managers of supermarkets have a duty of care to ensure that there are no spills or hazards that could cause an injury while you are doing your shopping. Slips, trips, and falls are one of the most frequent types of injury claims. According to the Health and Safety Executive, these types of supermarket accidents usually occur when:

· The supermarket floor hasn’t been cleaned and/or dried quickly after a spillage

· Adequate warning signs haven’t been placed quickly after a wet floor has been cleaned


Slip in supermarket claims: Common injuries


If you have been injured in a supermarket, common painful injuries you may sustain are, but not limited to:

· Spinal/back injuries caused by a forceful impact onto a hard surface, leading to herniated discs

· Neck injuries

· Broken bones or fractures, particularly in elderly people, are extremely common (such as sprained ankles or fractured hips)

· Concussion or other types of head injuries can be caused by falling over which could result in a mild concussion or traumatic brain injuries causing long lasting symptoms


Slip in supermarket claims: Making a personal injury claim


Wildwood Legal have 25 years of experience in dealing with slip in a supermarket claims. We have specialist solicitors on hand to make your claim process easier. If you have received medical treatment and require legal advice or maximum compensation, our team of personal injury solicitors can provide quality, flexibility, and clarity when making a claim.

A claim for compensation can cover a wide range of matters, such as loss of income, pain and suffering, prevention of your daily activities which could cause mental health issues, and other financial losses you may incur.


What should supermarket employees do to keep you safe?


All supermarket employees are responsible for the spaces used by the public and they should ensure that the space is safe. They have a duty of care to prevent slips, trips, and falls by effectively cleaning up any liquids on a wet floor.

When the floor has been mopped, the area should then be clearly demarcated with a visible wet floor sign to notify both customers and staff numbers. In simple terms, supermarkets are legally required to put specific measures in place such as Health and Safety training for staff members.


What to do after an injury?


If you have slipped on a wet floor, it is important to gather as much evidence as you can to support your claim. Evidence such as photographs of where the accident occurred, photos of any injuries, contact details of any witnesses, CCTV footage of the accident. You should also report the incident to a member of staff and ensure they record all details of your slipping accident in an accident book.

This will help to determine whether employees have dealt with the slip within the designated time limits and will also help solicitors later acting on your behalf to pursue your compensation claim successfully.

If the supermarket failed to put a signage in place, they may be held liable for any supermarket injury that occurs. You should also seek medical attention from a doctor/GP because having an official medical report can strengthen your case further.

Due to their legal expertise, speaking to a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible after the accident is imperative because they can discuss your options going forward.


Working with a Solicitor on a no-win, no-fee basis


Wildwood Legal offer their services on a no win no fee basis. This structure essentially means that if your case is not upheld by a Court, there would be no legal costs to pay for any of the legal advice or representation that the Solicitor provided.

Entering this agreement with a Solicitor allows them to begin working on your case without having to request any money upfront. If you case is successful, we will deduct any charges, including the success fee from your compensation on the conclusion of your case.


How can Wildwood Legal assist with your slip in a supermarket claims?


At Wildwood Legal, our core strength is in personal injury claims. We are experienced in helping victims who have suffered a slip, trip, or fall that wasn’t their fault in making claims for personal injury compensation.

We have acted for people from all walks of life who have been injured at a supermarket. From shoppers to shop assistants and everything in between, we have acted for them and recovered compensation which was rightfully theirs.

The law relating to accidents in public is complicated and can be a minefield for the unwary. We will guide you professionally through every step of the journey and make sure that your claim is presented in the best possible way to ensure maximum compensation is recovered.

We value the opinion of our clients. We will always listen to you and take on board what you say. We always strive to put you at ease and explain the process clearly.

Our aim is to obtain a great outcome for your case, we value the opinion of our clients, and we will always listen to you and take on board what you say. Most importantly, we are on your side.

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